Council adopts Procedural Rule

  Resolution No: 24-21

  Date: January 2nd, 2024


WHEREAS, the Governing Body has determined that it is in the public interest to establish rules for procedure during the Public Portion of the regular scheduled council meetings, and

WHEREAS, the Mayor & Council wish to promulgate these new rules and regulations for calendar 2024.

NOW, THEREFORE, that effective this date all individuals who wish to address the Governing Body during that portion of the meeting where public comment is permitted shall come forward and stand at the rostrum where they will provide the Municipal Clerk with their name and address for the record. Questions or comments shall be limited to five minutes, although the chairman may, at his discretion, extend that time limit to permit free and open discussion of any issue brought forth by a member of the public.

Anyone wishing to be heard must come forward to the rostrum and direct their comments to the Governing Body. Each member of the public wishing to comment on the same or another issue shall follow the same procedure. Each member of the public wishing to address the council on a specific issue is asked to restrict their statement to that issue. Once the matter has been addressed, they shall leave the rostrum to permit other members of the public to be heard.


Members of the public who have more than one or multiple issues to discuss are required to wait until the chair recognizes them for each separate item to be discussed. Based on the number of people wishing to be recognized, the chair shall have the discretion to waive the single issue requirement to permit a single member of the public to raise multiple issues.