Yard Waste Schedule

Leaf Collection

  • April 1 to May 1
  • October 15 to December 15

Do not place leaves at the curb at any other time. Leaves, raked loose to the curb, must be free of all other yard waste or debris. Leaves will not be collected if set out in bags. No grass will be collected.

*It is the responsibility of the homeowner to abide by the schedule. Please advise your lawn service.


  • May 1 to July 31

Place brush at the curb: branches a maximum of 4ft. in length and 6 inches in diameter. No logs, stumps or dirt.

This schedule will be strictly enforced. Brush set out at the curb at any time other than the above scheduled dates will not be collected by the Borough.

Residents may bring brush and yard waste to the Borough yard at any time. No Grass. No Bamboo. No Contractors.

There will be no leaf or brush pickups during the months of January, February, and March (as always, exceptions may be made due to weather related events).

Grass Clippings

Do not set out at any time! They are banned from the landfill and most disposal sites, and are not collected by the Borough. Cut it and leave it or compost instead and use the valuable nutrients.

Garden Waste

Garden Waste is collected with brush during scheduled times only; may be brought to the yard.


Do not set out at any time! The Borough does not collect or accept bamboo. Residents should reach out to the County for disposal options.