Pet Licensing

Dog and Cat licenses expire in January of each year. Pet Licenses may be purchased during regular business hours at the Water / Sewer collector's window in Borough Hall, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm. They can also be issued by mail if a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided. A "Drop Box" is located at the entrance to borough hall for after hours. Just put the material through the slot.

Proof of rabies vaccination valid through the licensing year must be provided along with proof of neutering or spaying.


  • $12.00 -- Spayed or neutered
  • $15.00 -- Non-Spayed / Non-Neutered
  • $5.00 -- Late Fee

After March 31st, a late fee is imposed. Failure to comply with licensing regulations will result in a summons. A dog and cat census is conducted annually.

Pooper Scooper Law

The Borough's ordinance on animal control requires that all dogs taken off the property of their owners shall be on a leash not longer than eight (8) feet in length.

Further, it requires that any person who permits his or her dog to soil, defile or defecate on property other than his or her own shall immediately remove all feces and droppings deposited by said dog and dispose of same in a sanitary manner.


Call (732) 528-6600 ext. 5115