Do You Call 911 or 732-528-5050?

Dial 911 for Emergency Assistance Only: To report a fire, an accident, a burglary, an assault in progress or any serious crime, or to request emergency medical service. Be clear and concise with accurate information when you call.

Dial (732) 528-5050 for a Non-Emergency Situation: To speak with a Brielle Officer, to request information, to report stolen property or a lost pet, to report suspicious behavior or any matter you feel should be brought to the attention of our Police Department. Do not dial 911 for any of these situations.

What's the Difference?

The Brielle community now has two ways to contact the police and we'd like to help you understand which number to call when you have a problem. You should know that totally different dispatchers in the Monmouth County Dispatch System answer 911 calls and (732) 528-5050 because each number has a different purpose. (Incidentally, the use of the Monmouth County facilities has saved the Brielle taxpayers many thousands of dollars.)

The 911 System was established to allow a simple yet effective means to obtain emergency assistance. The 911 system should be used only in an emergency such as fire or first aid calls, automobile accidents, or any event involving serious injuries. The dispatcher will ask your name, location, and nature of the emergency and talk you through the situation while they dispatch a police officer and, if necessary, the fire department and/or the first aid squad.

Our police officers are the 911 first responders and usually respond in less than a minute after receiving a call. They have oxygen, defibrillators and fire extinguishers with them to provide immediate assistance until additional responders arrive. Many of our officers are also EMT trained.

In a non-emergency call the police on (732) 528-5050. Some examples of non-emergencies would be suspicious vehicles or people in your neighborhood, door-to-door solicitors without a Brielle Solicitor's Permit, people apparently asleep on a lawn, downed trees, or non-functioning traffic signals.

The dispatchers will answer your call by saying, "Brielle Police". They will ask for your name and address and the nature of the problem. It is important that you are able to provide as much information as possible. Automobile descriptions, license plate numbers, the number of people involved, and their descriptions are all important. The dispatcher will send an officer as quickly as possible. In rare cases, the police may be involved in more serious incidents and may not be able to respond immediately. They will, however, respond as quickly as possible.

Our Brielle Police Department prides itself in being a Community Policing Agency that provides many community services some of which the citizens may not be fully aware. You have undoubtedly heard about our D.A.R.E. program in both the fifth and eighth grades, but did you know that our officers also speak to community groups about personal and home safety as well as infant seat training for the proper use and installation of infant seats in automobiles? They also provide residential security surveys and firearm safety lessons when requested. During Brielle Day, you may have seen our officers utilizing the Identikit program, which involves voluntary fingerprinting and photos of children for parents to keep in their files in case they are ever needed.

Due to the complexity of modern law enforcement, all of our officers have a college degree and receive continuous training in all aspects of police work and public safety. Today, our Brielle Police Department is considered one of the finest in Monmouth County.

Please don't hesitate to call the police. We assure you, our officers will much rather be called to prevent a problem before it happens than to investigate an incident afterward.