Leaf Collection


Once again it has become necessary to remind many of you that the Department of Public Works follows a seasonal rotation regarding their work load.

This is LEAF SEASON, this means that leaves and only leaves are being collected.  Many communities require that leaves be bagged, Brielle does not.  Our residents are afforded the easier method of simply leaving their leaf piles at the curb. There is however, a Catch-22.

Leaf machines can only pick-up leaves. Brush, pumpkins and Hay Bales cannot be mixed in with the leaves.  The machine cannot suck them up and, if they are concealed within the leaf pile they gum up the equipment and the leaf machine has to be taken out of service. This delays the collection process and requires considerable effort to get the machine back on-line.

The DPW is unable to collect any leaf pile that has been contaminated by extraneous debris of any kind. Leaves are taken to a site in Wall Township where they are composted.  When a pile is tainted, it cannot be accepted at this site.  Leaves mixed in with debris have to be taken to a disposal site and the difference in price is considerable. This also requires a separate method of collection which is more labor intensive and therefore more costly. When you ignore the rules you increase the tax burden that we all share.

The Mayor & Council ask for your cooperation in the leaf collection process. Thank you.